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The andean secret

Amati was born 19 years ago to rescue the consumption of ancient Andean grains for their multiple benefits for health and nutrition, which over the years and with dreams of introducing new products to the national and international market decide to improve their visual image to break borders and show the world a product of high innovation and nutritional quality.




For millennia, amaranth has been recognized as the golden grain that fed the great Inca warriors. Can you imagine nourishing yourself every day with the best ancestral superfood of the Ecuadorian Andes? now it is possible to have it on your table with amaranth and quinoa Amati pop. If you want to know even more benefits, we invite you to visit the official site of this extraordinary product, but what if we now review its packaging, which is as good as the product inside; Amati is our gold client, with whom we work on a total redesign of its brand and all the product lines that are currently in the national and international market. If you pay attention to the packaging, the andean patterns behind were made with amaranth grains, placed with great detail creating geometrically beautiful compositions.


We worked on a typographic brand and an emblem built from a bottle of human effigy typical of the Mayo Chinchipe - Marañon culture where the mind and body illuminating chocolate drink was prepared, in the packaging we work with geometric illustrations based on the fauna and graphics of the Amazon region and its culture.

Quito - Ecuador


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